The Qualific hammock chair is a new and innovative product that can help you relax and destress at home. The hanging design is practical while the cotton weave is soft and cozy.






Premium Quality

Our premium hanging hammock comes with a durable wooden bar. The soft cotton weave hammock is attached through 52 hanging cords that ensure stability and sturdiness. The hanging chair is durable and can hold up to 330 pounds.

This premium hanging hammock is compact and doesn’t take much place. It uses one suspension point above the chair with a durable metal hook. You can hang it easily and quickly in your home, patio, or garden. It is also a great beach accessory.


More Comfort

The Qualific indoor swing chair allows you to relax and adopt a comfortable body pose. It combines the relaxation provided by a hammock with the straight body pose of a regular chair. This way, you get to enjoy more comfort without experiencing back pain.



A Complete Set

The Qualific hanging chair for the room includes the hammock chair, a carry bag, and a cozy blanket. The set comes with a tree hanging set and a special indoor kit that includes a ceiling hanging buckle with 4 bolts.




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